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So, as it happens, everyone I'm talking to somehow missed that last post. (*eyeroll*)

So, for your benefit...


This means that, yes, I did get a new journal.

girl says;

poor newbies...

That is what you do. Honestly...and it's much easier.

girl says;

traditions continued...

I keep saying how sick I am of being afraid to say things in my own journal, and I've tried getting a journal just for that sort of thing, but it doesn't work to be miserable in one place and fake here.

It's not working for me to have so many friends and only talk to a few of them, and to feel like if my journal just disappeared, no one would care.

So, I'm not even waiting until the end of February. I'm sorry to whoever bought me that six months of paid time, but I'm not staying here anymore, and I'll get a paid time for my new account when I can.

If you want to, add knockthedoor, my new journal. I'll understand if you don't.


Everyone is free to comment. Yeah Chicken, that means you. I haven't been called a cunt in awhile, so come on and give me your best. It's really not worth it anymore, is it?

girl says;

no, i'm not dead. are you?


The sad thing is, I don't think anyone cares.

girl says;

I am happy even though I really hate the world

Because yesterday (since today is the 21st - Yule!) my Robin Wood Tarot deck and book set came in the mail. Autographed to Jasmine Simoné. Bright Blessings and everything. *bounces around, petting the cards and refusing to let anyone else touch them*

girl says;

do you know what sucks?

Something really bad happened to me yesterday. And I can't tell anyone, because they could call the police or something...

Before I cried myself to sleep yesterday afternoon, I realised there was really no one to tell.

girl says;


Monkichi and I have the same birthday. That brings me strange happiness.

girl says;

and just to settle this once and for all

I was formula fed, and I turned out to be a mentally unstable, lisping, lactose-intolerant, overweight, insecure, nutcase fine.

girl says;

oh, by the way

I made a tarot spreads community.

It's called spreads. I'm brilliant.

...only, I don't actually know whether or not I'll use it, and I'm like, promote-phobic...o_O I should disappear.

girl says;

my mother on Cassie Claire:

"She's one step away from a televangelist!"


In other news: Neville/Luna = shot down. WHEN is someone going to mention that on Desperate Housewives that lady was killed with the same blender she stole? And what about that boy obviously bringing up such horrible memories for his mom, seeing as HER mother died in a hit and run (or, at least by a car, my memory is shaky)? And uh...duuuuuude....where the fuck is everyone on all of my IM lists? The few people who were online totally ignored me today, and that's not very nice, you know? I'M IN LOVE, BUT IT'S ONLY TEMPORARY, and I WISH I COULD FINISH ONE KNITTING PROJECT, THANK YOU?

I WANT TO HAVE THE DECK & BOOK SET FROM ROBIN WOOD'S SITE. Autographed to Jasmine - because that's my name. I AM SO HUNGRY. Joel Osteen is on right now. I would SO convert if it meant I could be in his church, because yay, awesome and funny, and OH SO UPBEAT.


My brother thinks Victoria's Secret models are ugly. Mom raised him to like short, fat, and insane women, and it appears to have been a success! I really want a new tarot deck. The Robin Wood one. Did I mention? I HATE THE GOVERNMENT, GIVE US OUR MONEY YOU SICK FUCKS. My family makes me want to cry. I make me want to cry. I wish I could cry. Damn. I've been using someone else's email address to sign up at sites. I didn't realise this until I couldn't log into it. At which point I tried to change the password, and then nearly reported the account when it said it was sent to an address other than one I had....THEN I SEARCHED ON GMAIL, AND REALISED...mine wasn't ended in a y, it was in an ies, because the y was taken.


Boys are icky. Make them go away. BUT WAIT. LEAVE ME ONE. *dies* Neville + Luna DOES NOT EQUAL Harry + LUNA. SOME shippers (ORANGE CRUSHERS.) need to stop saying so. Tori, my kitten = BEAUTIFUL SPAWN OF SATAN. YES. I HAVE TURNED INTO CAPSLOCK!HARRY. I swear I smell rotting soap. OMGWTFBBQ?!?!


*kicks Lost*

The cat also chewed through my headphones. Bastard. PRETTY BASTARD!! FUWA!


*ignores Morning Musume*

I'm looking at my mom now. She's got her thumb over her mouth, and a cigarette between her fingers. I will forever remember her this way.


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